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Is your Will still fit for purpose?

Not only is it important to have a Will in place, but it is equally important to have the correct Will in place. Dying without an up-to-date Will in place could result in disastrous consequences for your loved ones, leaving them vulnerable and possibly losing out.

How often should I review my Will?

Many people think that making a Will is a once-in-a-lifetime activity, but it is important to get your Will reviewed every time your circumstances change, for example; when you move address, when there is a new family member, such as a birth of a baby, or you get married, divorced or remarried.

We recommend reviewing your Will every four to five years, regardless of circumstances, just to give you the peace of mind that everything is still as you wish it to be and with Asset Harbour your Will Review is always free, we only charge for any changes you wish to make.

Reasons to consider a Free Will Review

  • Do you know where your Will is stored?
  • When did you last review it?
  • Have your personal circumstances changed?
  • Do you know that Inheritance Tax is charged at 40% of your net estate?
  • Did you know there are now new allowances that will help you reduce it?
  • When was the last time you renewed your Will?
  • How do you know your Will is not out of date?
  • Does your Will prevent your house/ home being sold to cover your care home fees?

Benefits of a Free Will Review

A regular review of your Will enables you to ensure that your wishes are still being met with regards to your estate and your assets.

By having your Will reviewed by a professional Will Writing company, we can make sure that your Will remains in line with the up to date changes of Estate Planning legislation and It also allows you to explore other solutions to inheritance tax and welfare issues.

Receiving regular professional advice regarding your Will allows you to make the right decisions to ensure your family and assets are protected and your estate is shared out as you wish

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